Specification :

AANAL VIBRO SCREENS are one of the most Versatile, Reliable and Economical continuous process equipment for carrying out various Size Based Separation like Screening, Sifting, Classification, Grading, Oversize or Undersize Removal, De-Dusting, Dewatering, De-Lumping, Fiber Recovery, Filtration, Pre-Filtration and Scalping.

Vibro Screens
Vibro Screens Manufacturer

AANAL VIBRO SCREENS are Vibratory or Gyratory Sieving Machine designed on the principle of gyratory motion generated by vibromotor. The machine performs any size based separation with the use of wire mesh or perforated sheet and can work for various application of solid separation or solid liquid separation or slurry separation.

MODEL Screen Size Discharge Height Overall Height H Motor HP
1st Outlet H1 2nd Outlet H2
AMI-600 600 530 405 670 0.5
AMI-900 900 640 460 775 1.0
AMI-1200 1220 760 570 940 1.5 - 2.0
AMI-1500 1525 785 590 1375 2.0 - 3.0
AMI-1800 1820 900 645 1600 3.0 - 5.0
Vibro Screen
Vibro Screen Manufacturer

The screen is most useful for ceramic, abrasive, sand and glass, ceramic slip, sugar-mixed / screen juice, melt, seed, syrup and sugar-grading, food-biscuit, edible oil Cellulose powder, cattle feed, starch slurry, spices, tea, Table salt, paper and pulp, fiber recovery, black liquor, bulk drugs and many other products. The special custom built screen is also available.

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