Power Magnets

Aanal Magnetic Humps are used where the flow of material is vertical. The material falling strikes directly on the first magnet changes direction and falls over the second magnet, ensuring clean outflow of material. The Magnets are of hinged type and can be easily opened for periodic cleaning. Hump Magnets can be supplied to suit any size of Pipe/Duct.

Hump magnet separators are also used to remove ferrous contaminants iron nuts, bolts, wire, banding etc. from the conveyed material. With the hinged doors, cleaning the magnetic surface is quick and easy. The unit can be mounted directly in the air stream with the square to round transitions which can be provided.

Power Magnets
Hump magnetic separators

Power Magnets

Hump magnetic separators consists of two plate magnets which are hinged and gasketed to the rugged steel housing. These plate magnets can be unlatched and swing open for quick manual cleaning.
In the line of manufacturing different products, we have our products as:

  • Magnetic Equipment
  • VibratingEquipment
  • ConveyorSystem

More concerned about customer satisfaction we adopt different policies for customer care. Each of our products is subject to strict quality control measures to ensure that only the best in terms of quality and design reaches the market. We believe that our clients know us for the quality that we provide and are fully aware of our responsibility of catering to their needs and requirements in this regard.

Half Hump Magnets:

Our Half-Hump Magnets can be applied where Hump Magnets will not fit due to height restrictions. Like its full version, the Half-Hump housing directs the material flow over the single high-strength permanent magnet and breaks up aggregated material to Dis-lodge and capture the embedded metal contaminants.

Half Hump Magnets
Half Hump Magnets
Hump Magnetic Separators

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