Ferrite Magnet

AANAL MAGNETIC FERRITE MAGNET are very hard, but more brittle and more prone to cracks and chipping on the edges and corners. They are characterized a very high normal and intensive coercive force, but rather a low residual induction and are virtually free form self-f-Demagnetization. They possess a very high electrical resistivity which makes them ideally suited for high frequency applications.

The following shapes of ferrite magnets are available: Rings, Rectangulars, Square, Segments, Discs, Cylindricals, Plasto-ferrite / Rubber Sheet / Strips, etc.

Any other shapes and sizes, not available in the country at present, could be supplied in accordance with the client's requirement.

Ferrite Magnet


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Ferrite Magnet Manufacturer

Our factory is well equipped with latest sophisticated machinery catering to the need for

  • Magnetic Chuck, Separators, Grills, Holding Systems, etc.
  • Magnetos, DC Motors, Stepper Motors, Generators, etc.
  • Moving coil Instruments, Magnetic Door Catches, Magneto Theropy.
  • Loud Speakers, Horns Public Address System etc.
  • Fabricators, Automobiles, Auto Switches, Coupling Oil Filters etc.
  • Magnetic / Strickers/Boards, Laboratories & Schools
  • Conveyors, Trollies, Gifts & Novelty Items, Televisions
  • Computers, Refrigerators & Relays.

Our Products were lunched in the market only 4 year back and have earned a high reputation in terms of quality and timely supply.

Our magnets are fully guaranteed for its best performance. However, minor defects like hair line cracks, chipped edge or corner which are unavoidable due to nature of material. These defects are acceptable only, if they do not change the magnetic performance of the piece.

Aanal magnets has carved out an unique place for itself at the forefront of magnet technology - with a reputation for the highest quality standards reliability and dependability of timely supplies-and the creditability that goes with it. the confidence that has been generated, thus, will be our springboard into the future - into more challenging vistas calling for the highest technical ingenuity and the most prudent resource management. Partners in each others growth through a commonality of interests

DISC MAGNETS are also available in isotropic material which do not have any specific directions, they can be magnetised by any one of the 3 axes. Isotropic Disc Magnets are available from 4.00 mm to 50.00 mm diameter and their varying heights

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